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Solid Board Edge Protectors

Solid board edge protectors are used to protect loads from edge damage during transport or storage.
They have a reinforcing and stabilising function; they protect against the indentation of straps and stabilise the goods, thus making it possible to stack loads.

Thanks to their resistance to mechanical damage, solid board edge protectors are suitable for packing goods on pallets:

  • using film wrappers
  • packaging of reels
  • doors/furniture
  • boards
  • fruit/ vegetables
  • building materials
  • other goods that must be secured.

Solid board edge protectors provide effective protection and security for goods during transport and storage. Made from sustainable materials, they are environmentally friendly.

Solid board edge protectors are produced from several layers of Kraft paper made from recycled paper. Thanks to an appropriately selected production process, the edge protectors are characterised by increased resistance to deformation, moisture and adverse weather conditions, which allows them to be used by vegetable producers and in refrigerated conditions. They are excellent for securing all kinds of building materials (including paving stones, cement, glue) to protect against spillage during handling, moving, lifting or driving. Thus, they significantly minimise the risk of damage to goods.

Dimensions of solid board edge protectors:

  • “wing” width: 30 mm to 100 mm
  • wall thickness: from 2 mm to 10 mm
  • length up to 6000 mm

Available types of edge protectors:

  • uniform
  • non-uniform
  • cut
  • bent
  • covered with materials with increased resistance to moisture
  • with any print

Rationale for using solid board edge protectors for full pallet orders:

  • perfect protection of transported/stored goods
  • ensuring the safe transport of heavy or difficult-to-transport goods
  • stabilising function to prevent the goods from slipping off the pallet
  • protection of goodsinvesting in your own and your employees’ safety

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