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Printed Cardboard Packaging

Printed cardboard packaging with basic offset prints

This segment consists of high-volume packaging with a basic finish, dedicated for automatic packaging machines, produced on GC, GD and GT carton boards.

Printed cardboard packaging with premium offset prints

This group includes highly refined packaging, mainly for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and confectionery industries.

Printed cardboard packaging with basic offset prints

This category includes laminated individual cartons, bulk cartons and display stands.

Printed cardboard packaging with premium offset prints

We refine laminated packaging by surface texturing, laminating, gilding and varnishing.

Cardboard packaging with Flexo basic prints

Cartons with simple flexo printing are usually bulk packaging on uncoated cardboard.

Cardboard packaging with Flexo HD prints

An alternative to laminated packaging is HD flexo cartons with comparable print quality. High volumes and repeat orders allow for cost optimisation.

Tissue packaging

Packaging for paper tissues, into which we glue incised film or paper windows, is an important segment of our production.

Courier envelopes

Our range is complemented by courier envelopes with adhesive glue line closures and tear-off strips. This ensures ease and comfort of use as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Bulk cartons

Flap packaging made of coated and uncoated corrugated cardboard in 3 and 5 layers of flute E, B, C, EB and BC.

Cardboard postal tubes

Square tubes for transporting long, fragile items are the perfect solution for online retailers, as they both provide exceptional protection for the transported goods and significantly reduce shipping costs.

Solid board edge protectors

Thanks to their strength, our solid board edge protectors can be used to pack goods on pallets.

Cardboard tubes

The tubes can be used in various industries. They are used to wrap materials such as tapes, fibres, papers, foils, cables, etc.

 to pack and protect goods such as posters, leaflets, maps, documents and advertising banners.


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